So, I Spent Last Night Reliving my Youth


  • Seeing my little Jersey moos
  • Getting to see ALLISON WEISS (aLLiSoN wEiSs?) in concert at my beloved Berry College
  • Mitch clamming up like a starstruck schoolgirl when we met said Allison Weiss
  • Finding out that Dakota Floyd has Allison Weiss at his beck and call. “WHAT?! Dakota texted her and she came??”
  • Dancing with Luke.  That man sure can shake a tree. 
  • Enjoying half a nasty greasy delicious pizza BOTH hot AND cold on the same night. Yummmmmm.
  • Most importantly, hanging with my AWESOME friends just like ye olden days (cerca 2010)


  • Dear Alma Mater: sad turnout, but thank you for the awesome concert
  • My friends are the coolest.
  • Allison Weiss, I wish I had something cool to say to you when Mitch and I saw you before Relient K. You are very awesome.  Let’s be friends. 
  • However, I have no regrets about standing back and watching Mitch get himself hot and flustered over meeting Allison Weiss (again).  It never gets old.
  • Good times. I’d do it again.
Congratulations, friend

Congratulations, friend

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